We provide decoration, or printing services to customers who require product branding on their industrial pails. There are two methods we employ at Jebplus.
Heat Transfer

Graphics or photographic images are first printed onto PP (polypropolene) films. Heat and pressure is then applied to the film on the surface of the plastic pail, transferring the image onto the pail while the film is pulled away.

Using this method, only inks and adhesives are transferred onto the plastic container or lid, giving the product a seamless look. The result is sharp, bright colours with high-quality photographic images. Metallic, fluorescent or pearlescent effects are also available for consideration.

Recommended for multi-coloured decorations or photographic images.


Silk Screen

A mesh screen stencil with the required image is first produced. Ink is then poured onto the screen, and a squeegee is used to press the ink through the screen onto the pail. After each colour is applied, the ink is cured in an oven.

The inks applied onto the pail using this method are thicker than typical offset printing, which results in colours that have more opacity and texture.

Recommended for simple designs with three colours or less.